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Hey there! I’m Sierra, a product designer based in Atlanta.

I was born and raised in Ohio and as an only child, being creative came naturally at an early age. I moved to South Carolina for undergrad studying Marketing at Coastal Carolina, and it wasn’t until my senior year that I began to think about shifting my focus to design. After graduation, I moved to Atlanta and attended the Creative Circus - a well-known portfolio school. It was there that I submerged myself in the world of design and was able to work with some insanely talented people. 

I started working in this industry professionally in 2014, and over the years I’ve been a part of all stages of a product lifecycle, from gathering requirements, research, iterating on designs, writing acceptance criteria, prototyping, and QA testing. I’m passionate about taking complex problems and designing a simple, yet intuitive solution. Just because a product looks 'pretty' doesn’t mean it's solving a problem or providing the best user experience. 

Outside of work I enjoy checking out new restaurants in the city, live music, hiking, watching true crime docs, going to sporting events (especially football), Fanduel, and the occasional Halo game on Xbox. Painting is another creative outlet that I find to be a good de-stressor (watercolor, acrylic, and most recently started playing with alcohol inks) although it’s only a hobby, I find at times it can be helpful to take a step away from the screen and do something hands-on. 

Organizations I care about:
The Adopt Don’t Shop movement. One organization close to my heart is the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue - an amazing organization here in the Atlanta area run by volunteers and fosters. I adopted my senior basset hound, Hal, through them :)

Elephant sanctuaries, and specifically, The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee - a great organization that rescues elephants that were held in captivity and gives them a safe haven dedicated to their well-being.